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Jen Erb Maryland

Darla is amazing! She really listens and picks up on things you didn’t even realize no longer serve you. She helps you be the best version of yourself! Give yourself the gift of a session with Darla! You are worth it!

Lupe Garcia, Seattle Washington

I set goals to transform my life both physically and mentally. I know I needed to put a plan in place, take action and implement it. By doing these things daily, they’d become habits.

Habits make it possible for us to do things without spending excessive amounts of mental effort. You just “do”. They make everyday life possible - the good, the bad, and the not so pretty.

I also knew that I needed a coach. A coach that would help me get there.

One of the fastest ways to get where you’re going in life is to follow the tracks of someone who has already done it.

Coach Darla Nelson has a passion for helping people and truly loves what she does. She can take you from wanting something to actually achieve it.

Darla has transformed lives with tools she developed to be used daily. I have used them. I don’t have before and after photos. I will tell you that I did transform myself inside and out. For the added value you get with any additional products or services, it is an investment that I would do over and over again if I knew that my end result would be where I am at today. I highly recommend Coach Darla Nelson!

Linda , California

1) a better insight into who I was, why, and what to do to improve one’s worth. 2) that I’m ok

Dan L., California

Where do I begin…

I was referred to Darla by a friend. After our initial conversation (interview) I knew she was “the one” to help me move forward both professionally and personally. Over the 12 weeks, I have experienced a definite breakthrough in many areas of my life.

For me personally, I find it very beneficial to have a female coach that brings a different perspective to the areas that I want to improve in. I highly recommend her. To all the men out there that are contemplating a Life Coach, talk to Darla first!!

Laura Rose

Darla encouraged me to join her challenge this year...which was no easy task for me.. I’m not one to jump on bandwagons or join many groups, but she is so authentic and encouraging and made me feel so supported so I did It! Not only did I hit my goals every day- but I saw changes in my energy level, skin health, I completely cut out sodas...but the BEST part- I lost 4 pounds!!! I’m so glad Darla created a safe and inspiring platform to allow us to embrace healthy habits together.

Heidi A, California

I initially signed up for a 12-week session with Darla and it was life-changing! I heard about her personal health journey and wanted to talk with her because I have struggled for years to lose weight and I felt like it was more than just food for me. I knew I frequently ate my feelings and whenever something was happy, sad, fun, exciting, disappointing, well there is food for that! Not only did we talk about losing weight, but we talked about the underlying emotions that were driving me to eat, the stressors that were causing me to hang onto weight like a protective coat, and even talked about a healthy balance mentally, physically, and emotionally. During our sessions, I gained tools I still use to keep myself on a path to the healthiest happiest version of myself. Because Darla commits herself to continual learning and professional development, I knew I was benefiting from each session from her expansive knowledge. She tailored each session for what I needed that week, even with a pre-planned topic in mind! If you want someone to help you be accountable and to help you uncover the underlying causes of whatever is holding you back from the best version of yourself, then sign up for a 21-day challenge or her 6 or 12-week programs with Darla! You will be amazed at the progress you make and what you learn about yourself.

Beth Cline

Darla inspires me daily with her health advice and life coaching videos. She is motivating and helps me to believe in myself. Her health challenges are set perfectly for anyone to attain success. Her challenge changed my life by teaching me how to make small changes that helped create a lifestyle change! Thank you Darla for believing in me and helping me take steps to become much healthier and feeling great! I love all the energy I feel when I take care of myself!!

Holly Lasky

Doing the Challenge with Coach Darla was the perfect way to start the new year! In my own journey of transforming health, it was so helpful to gain tips on how to gain more energy by getting enough water every day as well as all the accountability, health info and reminders were extremely helpful. I found myself automatically continuing the intention and habit after the challenge and the bonus was I went down a pound! This is a challenge I would love to do quarterly or even monthly as a reminder to continue to be consistent in my daily routine.

Angie Hisaw

My group coaching with Darla has been a great experience. She has great intuition to get the group to open up about themselves. I noticed quickly that our group was feeding off one another in each session. We encouraged and supported each other and lovingly held one another accountable to take steps forward. I recommend joining the group coaching if you have the opportunity. You will be so glad you did.

Kristine Crane

Your 21 day Boost your Energy Challenge is amazing, but your personal 1:1 coaching is where the pure magic happens. Being involved with Darla's coaching has been life-changing. Darla holds space for you so you have the time to dig deeper, find a new perspective and discover the changes you really want to make. Working with Darla was like sitting on the beach feeling a perfect ocean breeze hit your body and immediately felt lighter. I felt such unconditional love from Darla from our very first conversation. If you want to find balance in your hectic crazy life, hire Darla as your personal coach.

Chris W, PA

Last September I participated in Darla’s “Boost Your Energy Challenge”. It had been a stressful year, even without COVID-19. As a result, I had regained much of the weight that I had worked so hard to lose several years prior. I was discouraged and did not feel that I had the energy to through the weight-loss process again. Darla talked about many helpful things, but one questioned she asked that kept resonating was “Have you lost weight before?, If so you cannot tell yourself that you can never lose weight.” So, I put my Fitbit back on my wrist, I logged my weight – UGH! - got out my kitchen scales, weighed and logged everything I ate, and gradually increased my exercise. Within days I started to feel the benefits. Now, four months later I have lost 23 pounds - Over halfway to my goal! Thank you Darla for speaking those words that gave me the inspiration I needed to get out of the “slump” I was in. I feel so much better!

Are You Ready To Change Your Habits

And Change Your Life?

Are You Ready To Change Your Habits

And Change Your Life?

Colleen Rekers, California

From the moment I met Darla was so inviting and I instantly felt her sincerity and love for serving others. In her Boost Your Energy Challenge she over-delivered content, and resources to help us naturally make small changes that resulted in huge results. As a one-on-one coach, Darla is able to identify and focus on your individual needs, walking you through steps to overcome and extinguish those things that are not serving you. Working with Darla is one of the best investments you can make!

Melissa Jackson

Group coaching has helped me because I don’t always see where I’m being stuck but by the time I talk it out a bit Darla and members of the group see my blind spots and give me valuable perspective. Also, I have made a wonderful friendship with someone who was a stranger just a few short weeks ago.

Christine Hoy

Loved the reminders to slow down and take care of myself! Darla offers great new insights on concepts we think we may already understand, but need some encouragement to make a priority. Her straightforward, yet compassionate coaching is just what I needed to reduce the stress and boost my energy levels. No longer waiting for 'someday' to take care of me!

Penny G, California

For my friends.... I rarely “plug” any type of program, but with this one, I had to. I recently completed this 21 day health and wellness challenge by Coach Darla Nelson, and highly recommend it! For only $47, Darla covers health, wellness, mindset, and lifestyle habit transformations through an interactive live Facebook platform (and optional group coaching sessions). Anyone who joins this health and wellness challenge will have an increased sense of energy and positivity from learning and implementing the simple lifestyle changes and techniques covered throughout the 3 week sessions. I was in her first beta group, but got so much out of it I’m doing it again on June 8. Whether you feel like you have it all together or are in a health rut or life rut and experiencing difficulties getting your health and mindset out of the dumps and back on track, this information and challenge is for you. It has been very helpful to me and I’ve enjoyed the information, coaching, and support I received. I really think you also will get some choice tidbits out of the group, a safe platform to share and to build new friendships, and of course the tools to “boost your energy” for a life of better health and wellness. I hope a few of you will join me on June 8th! I’ve included the link to sign up below. Have a nice weekend and feel free to share the link if you know someone who you think would like to attend!

Kelly Graves

With all that is going on in the world who doesn't need a boost?! I'll be 59 in September, married 40 years in October, and had decided I was as good as I was going to get. Overweight, prone to depression, and feeling sluggish most days. 3 weeks ago a good friend told me about Darla's Boost Your Energy challenge and I'm so glad she did. From day one I have felt energized to feel better and be better. This isn't about exercise and diet (the four-letter word), it's about making small changes in your everyday habits that will make big differences in how you feel and think. I wake up in the morning happy and ready to face the day, eager to practice what Darla has taught us. I've lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks and it feels like more because my mind is so clear and focused. I'm looking forward to retirement with my husband having the energy to enjoy all the adventures. Thank you Darla!


Oh Darla I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for you. Since your challenge and starting The 5 Minute Journal, I have felt such a difference in how I feel and my general mood. I have even been able to weather daily challenges that previously would have totally ruined my day! I still have a long way to go but I feel like the pieces are starting to fall into place.

Bev Prine,Hesperia

About 4 months ago I came across Coach Darla Nelson’s live talk titled “Have…Do…Be / Be…Do…Have”, or something like that. The thoughts and ideas she shared in that talk stayed with me ever since. I kept thinking about how she said that first to have, you need to BE. Be the person who God wants you to be, BE the person you deserve to be, be the person your family needs, and then by being, you can have…peace, joy, calm in your life. DO the things that help you BE that person. So many times we want to HAVE first.

Soon after listening to Darla, my life entered a season of chaos, above and beyond the disruptions that the coronavirus has brought into all lives. During the storm, I shut down and entered into survival mode, and I knew I wasn’t living, I wasn’t thriving. Everything in life was mundane, although I was dealing with so much chaos. I was numb. I was on auto-pilot. I did not have hope things would improve. The joy had been sucked right out of me. But Darla’s words kept repeating in my mind. When Darla offered her TIPS to Boost Your Energy 5-day Challenge, I knew this was what I needed. In 5 days she unlocked something in me that helped me get kick-started into action. With the tips she has provided, I have more energy. I am sleeping better! I have a positive outlook. My relationship with my husband is improving (so much that he has booked a getaway for Valentine's weekend!) I am kinder to myself. I have more faith. I believe Darla has been called by God to do this life-changing work to bring joy back into the lives of others. Darla is real, she has been down the path of difficult experiences, and she is open to sharing the stories of her struggles, the good and the bad. Most importantly, Darla asks thought-provoking questions, and she has the patience to wait for the answers. There are no wrong answers, but the answers are in each one of us. Darla is welcoming, approachable, she is real, she will tell you like it is if that’s what called for, she listens, she is a woman of faith, and she can laugh at herself! Darla provides the support to change behaviors, and ultimately change lives. I am hopeful each day now and filled with gratitude. ~~ Thank you, Coach Darla Nelson!

Sandy Connors, Maryland

It has been a delightful 21 days spent with you and our group. There have been several things that resonated with me personally. I loved the camaraderie and the emphasis on healthy behaviors not only physically but mentally. I consider myself pretty healthy but can always use advice and guidance to make sure I am on track and stay there. In particular, I loved the way you always had positive responses for everyone in the group and helped us to also respond in a positive way including breathing and responding rather than reacting. I could go on and on, but I will leave it at that and just let you know I am thinking about signing up for your next Boost later this month. It has truly been a wonderful experience.

Linda Silvey

Do you ever feel like a stranded car? You are not going anywhere….Not making any progress. Perhaps a flat tire? Battery problems? Perhaps you ran out of gas? THAT WAS ME. I felt destitute. And Roadside Assistance came. Her name was Coach Darla Nelson. She has every tool to enable me to get up and running again. My body had “run out of gas”. She fueled my mind with healthy habits, A positive mindset, gratitude, and all-around well-being. Coach Darla Nelson gets an AAA+ from me.

Andrew Nop

My name is Andrew and I have been having zoom call sessions with Darla for the past five weeks. We’ve had about five sessions together and I can honestly say Darla has helped shape me into a better person mentally and physically. She delivers great advice, tips, and gives me great suggestions/recommendations on what I need to do in order to stay on track and stay focused on my goals. The development of my own character has grown tremendously since I have started these sessions with her. She has taught me to see many different perspectives that accommodate my lifestyle and the interactions that come with it. I have been more positive, more energetic, and more driven thanks to her. I never thought I would have the opportunity to be involved with a life coach such as herself and that goes to say, I am very grateful for her assistance in helping me grow as a person. I would highly recommend Darla to anyone out there who is seeking assistance or may need a little help in getting pointed in the right direction. Thank you, Darla, you’re AWESOME!!!

Kelly Graves

Darla Nelson reminds us through coaching personally and collectively that our bodies are God's temple(1 Cor 6:19-20). I am thankful for her encouragement and support during a hard time. I appreciate that she is a Christian.

Joining Darla's 21-day Boost your Energy Challenge was one of the best things I've ever done. FINALLY something worth every single penny and more. Darla gives more than you expect. She is honest, open, and caring. She truly wants you to succeed and reach your goals. So many lightbulbs were going off in my head each day I listened to her. She teaches you to be aware of your words, your thoughts, your actions and to be kind to yourself. This is January, I live in Maine, short days, long winter, and I have cut my anti-depressant down to the minimum and plan to stop taking it entirely. For me, that says it all. Life is good. Thank you, Darla.

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