From corporate events and workshops, to live and virtual summits. Bookings are available.

A Few of My Past Events Include:

  • Unstoppable Influence Alumni Group.

  • WLLE Women Leaders in Law Enforcement ~ on Overcoming Negative Emotions.

  • Best You Expo 2023, one of the largest live in person, personal development seminars in the US.

  • Featured Trainer/Speaker for the Simply Believe Retreat in Florida, teaching on the "Power of our Words" as well as how we see ourselves versus how others see us.

  • Featured Trainer for 100 Coffees: Networking Community for Women Entrepreneurs.

  • Coached a team of financial advisors in Newport Beach, CA on how what we think about and even say to ourselves, influences our ability to sell.

  • Podcasts Guest on shows including: Scars of Glory, Daily Bread, and more.

Example of Speaking Topics Include

The Power of Our Words

Words affect your internal dialog, your mood, mindset, perception, and how you speak to others.

Changing the words we use will change our life.

Together let's discover how the Power of our Words influences our lives, transforms our thoughts, and creates the world in which we live. Through our words we can learn to manage Stress & Anxiety which leads us to a much healthier lifestyle. Uncover how to change your mindset about health & wellness to create healthy habits...

How Our Thoughts Affect Our Health

Every thought you have – good or bad – triggers a powerful response in your brain and body. These thoughts trigger things like your stress response, which triggers cortisol and weight gain. Alternatively, positive thinking has the opposite effect. It relaxes your mind & body triggering happy feelings and helping you lose weight.

Your thoughts are the foundation upon which your true health is built upon. We’re going to show you how to change your thoughts with step-by-step processes that are proven to work.

Discover How The


Influences Our Lives & Transforms Our Thoughts.

Discover How The


Influences Our Lives & Transforms Our Thoughts.

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