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  • Become More Calm & Present

  • Have Authentic Connections

  • Embrace Lasting Stillness

  • Handle The Hard Things

  • Use The Power Of Words

  • Create Healthy Habits

  • Get Mentally Unstuck

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Transform Your Mind, Transform Your Life!

You are not alone. There are so many unique challenges faced by women aged 35 and older as we navigate through all of life's ups and downs.

As a Certified Life Coach who specialize in helping women like you handle the hard things...

Together we find your inner strength to embrace life's transitions in a state of grace and resilience.

Get Personalized 1 to 1 Help With:

  • Teens or Adult Children...

  • Family or Relationship Hurdles...

  • Health & Wellness Challenges...

  • The Times When Life Feels Hard...

Together we find your inner strength to embrace life's transitions with grace and resilience.

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You are ready to experience sustainable change in your live that leads to increased health and wellness...

You want simple strategies to navigate life's challenges with more confidence and lasting calm...

You are open to tools to overcome your stress and anxiety to achieve peace and fulfillment for a meaningful difference...

As a Christian Life Coach who works with women struggling with stress and anxiety,

I have personally worked with hundreds of women, helping them achieve lasting peace in their daily lives.

Too often, we focus on quick fixes and temporary solutions that don't address the root causes of our stress and anxiety.

This creates a cycle that without deep understanding of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors just continues to repeat itself.

Let's transform your mindset and take control of your life!

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Transform your life with one-on-one coaching tailored to your specific goals. No matter what’s been holding you back in your life until now, I’m going to help you breakthrough. Together, we’re going to discover your best life, the foods that make you flourish, how to handle emotional setbacks, and create a crystal clear plan to confidently achieve your best life!

Kari Doo

Darla is an excellent coach for transforming your habits. She has the rare gift of listening and discerning what I'm saying. Darla works with you without judgement and uses scriptures to bring peace to every conversation.

Kelly Graves

With all that is going on in the world who doesn't need a boost?! I'll be 59 in September, married 40 years in October, and had decided I was as good as I was going to get. Overweight, prone to depression, and feeling sluggish most days. 3 weeks ago a good friend told me about Darla's Boost Your Energy challenge and I'm so glad she did. From day one I have felt energized to feel better and be better. This isn't about exercise and diet (the four-letter word), it's about making small changes in your everyday habits that will make big differences in how you feel and think. I wake up in the morning happy and ready to face the day, eager to practice what Darla has taught us. I've lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks and it feels like more because my mind is so clear and focused. I'm looking forward to retirement with my husband having the energy to enjoy all the adventures. Thank you Darla!

Kelly Graves

Heidi Aragon

Heidi Aragon

I initially signed up for a 12-week session with Darla and it was life-changing! I heard about her personal health journey and wanted to talk with her because I have struggled for years to lose weight and I felt like it was more than just food for me. I knew I frequently ate my feelings and whenever something was happy, sad, fun, exciting, disappointing, well there is food for that! Not only did we talk about losing weight, but we talked about the underlying emotions that were driving me to eat, the stressors that were causing me to hang onto weight like a protective coat, and even talked about a healthy balance mentally, physically, and emotionally. During our sessions, I gained tools I still use to keep myself on a path to the healthiest happiest version of myself. Because Darla commits herself to continual learning and professional development, I knew I was benefiting from each session from her expansive knowledge. She tailored each session for what I needed that week, even with a pre-planned topic in mind! If you want someone to help you be accountable and to help you uncover the underlying causes of whatever is holding you back from the best version of yourself, then sign up for a 21-day challenge or her 6 or 12-week programs with Darla! You will be amazed at the progress you make and what you learn about yourself.

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Get all the "goodies" to make sure you are learning

the Healthy Habits to make your life all the sweeter!!

Are You Ready To Change Your Habits

And Change Your Life?

Who Is Darla Nelson?

I had a successful career as a financial planner, but shortly after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I realized I needed to make a change.

When the doctor handed me that prescription, I said I’m not doing that, I’m going down a different path. I needed to change my life, so I never looked back. I had no idea, until then, how much my thoughts were influencing my health.

I decided to make health and wellness my mantra. Feeling the positive changes that were created in my life, I felt called to help others achieve their own personal path to a life of calm.

So, I no longer help people with just their money, but with their lifestyle and outlook on life. As a certified Health and Life Coach, I assist women (and a few men) with their mindset towards their health, life, relationships, and anything else that may be holding them back from fulfillment.

People come to me for all different reasons. I find that many people come to me, maybe to lose weight, and its not long, they realize something deeper needs to be addressed first...And then the weight comes off easier!

For many, it’s not about a “diet,” it’s about learning who they are, where they are at this moment, and who they want to be. I love peeling back the layers of each individual until any negativity is erased.

I always tell people that they have all the answers within them, but they don’t necessarily know what questions need to be asked.

When I ask the right questions they’re often enlightened and they’ll look at it from a different perspective.

Which gives them the answers they have been needing.

Most of my clients sign up for my 12-week program but usually end up wanting more time with me once their time is up.

I like to take my clients through mental exercises, like one where a client wrote everything he wished he would have said to someone in a letter, then shredded it without ever delivering it.

Once their mental setbacks are addressed, we will move on to determine ways they can lead a healthy lifestyle, and incorporate what I refer to as "Healthy Habits" into their daily life.

We just address whatever is going on. It’s just working on that constant mindset shift of, ‘I can do this. I’m worth it.’”

Are You Ready To Change Your Habits

And Change Your Life?




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